In the heart of the carré Marigny, Laurent was looking forward to turning the pages of a long-awaited revival. The promise was kept in September 2023, with the bold Laurent de Gourcuff duo and the Paris Society group, in association with top chef Mathieu Pacaud. A new energy, a new appetite, Laurent makes his comeback.
As for the decor, Cordélia de Castellane, Artistic Director of Paris Society, has come up with a sophisticated design that preserves the soul and past of this iconic place.

The menu is comprehensive, opulent and varied, offering plenty of choice. The perfect encounter between a great chef and a fine table. Mathieu Pacaud brightens up the classics, refining tradition: crudités with soufflé aïoli, smoked salmon in pink berry aspic, mousseline brioche with Golden caviar, cod confit in sauce vierge, filet au poivre, the unmissable blue lobster salad, languorous langoustines in basil leaf... Not forgetting the unmissable trolley revealed at the end of the menu.
Langoustine with basil leaf... Not forgetting the inevitable dessert cart.

At lunch, a business meeting place, everything has been redesigned to ensure discretion is the order of the day. At dinner, in the same place, in a different atmosphere, Laurent has created a glamorous, nocturnal atmosphere.
The room sings, laughs, dances, suddenly more sonorous, ever more lively. Always during the day, and now in the evening, when the address becomes a woman's greatest conquest.

Laurent is a party