Sheltered from view on a 1,000 m2 verdant patio, Maison Revka surprises once again, transforming itself into a spectacular summer garden.
This summer version, adorned with flowers, fabrics and lanterns, promises enchanted lunches and dinners. Adorned with ivory wooden trellises, roses, jasmine and antique mirrors, the Jardin de Maison Russe is without doubt the most beautiful terrace in western Paris.

On the plate, you can (re)discover the unmissable and signature dishes of the summer - Back of cod with green asparagus, Chicken Chachlyk with grilled vegetables and crispy rice - as well as an array of gourmet desserts. And let's not forget the great novelty: the "banc de l'écailler" with its wide selection of seafood.

Le Jardin de Maison Revka: THE confidential spot to soak up the summer sun in Paris.