Paris Society has brought together talented architects, designers, artists, graphic artists, stylists and "tableware" partners to help develop its brands, write its most beautiful stories and create the wildest customer experiences.

The Beautiful.
The art of entertaining is also the art of setting the scene.
Paris Society would like to warmly thank its partners, the BERNARDAUD, BACCARAT, CHRISTOFLE, GIEN, VESSEL, SOCIETY ROOM, ATELIER LEMAITRE, GARNIER-THIEBAUT, HENNESSY, PERRIER-JOUET, and PARIS FLEURI houses, who inspire us with their history and know-how.
Their high standards and perfection oblige Paris Society to put all its heart, energy and expertise into staging their exceptional products and enhancing customer experiences.

The Party.
The Art of Entertaining is also the Art of creating moments of conviviality.
Paris Society thanks and congratulates its teams and those of Apicius, who have mobilized to create a unique moment of joy, sharing, celebration and refinement out of time.

Paris Society is looking forward to making this event a must and to organizing, with exceptional French partners, a 2023 edition of the Paris Society Garden Party under the sign of excellence, refinement and celebration.