Like a Parisian castle...

In the heart of Paris but with Paris at its heart, behind the scenes of the Champs-Élysées, suddenly Apicius! The bewitching Parisian charm of this small city castle tells its story since 1860, date of its birth in this Paris of the Imperial party.

Reinvented as a grand restaurant in the 2000s by Jean-Pierre Vigato, it became the property of Laurent de Gourcuff and chef Mathieu Pacaud in 2018.

Apicius is now back on the front stage with a simple ambition, that of happiness, combining urban bucolic, guinguette chic and laughing greenery.

Mathieu Pacaud, accompanied by Jérôme Chaucesse as pastry chef, orchestrates the movement and re-enchants the classics. High gastronomy, a French style and a nobility of the product that he asserts as a modernity through his ambitious associations.

In the spirit of the new Apicius, the Bar is the enfant terrible of the house. Sébastien and Thomas, two stars of the "spirit" scene, combine their brilliance here, manoeuvring totem cocktails and unexpected creations.

A lively, contemporary restaurant, delighted to receive guests and happy to echo the desires, moods and moments of Parisians, whether for a day or for ever.

Cocktail: 150 people
Dinner: 80 people

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