La Clairière

Green, green, electrifying... let's walk in the woods

A place of music and celebration in a protected area of the Bois de Boulogne, a close collaboration between a foundation dedicated to ecology and humanism (the GoodPlanet Foundation) and the Paris Society, La Clairière du Domaine de Longchamp is committed to the environment and opens up the Parisian night to new horizons. Country-style, recreational and yet aware of natural issues, La Clairière is a breath of chlorophyll in our crazy summer evenings.

This bucolic and enchanting place, located at the back of the castle and surrounded by hundred-year-old trees, lends itself to evenings and nights of music, dance and encounters in a fairy-tale atmosphere in the strictest respect of this unique and preserved environment.

A joyful alchemy of culture and pleasure, La Clairière will also celebrate the commitments of the GoodPlanet Foundation every evening. These events will also allow to support the Foundation since a percentage of each drink purchased will be donated to one of its solidarity projects.

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