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Raspoutine is a mythical place of the Parisian night, in the heart of the Golden Triangle.

Alongside Laurent de Gourcuff and Benjamin Cassan, Ghislain Alexander and Logan Maggio, the czars of this maison russe, have made this former restaurant-cabaret the most popular club in the capital.

In this theatrical setting, the fruit of the extravagant imagination of the artist Erté, chic and sensual evenings now take place against a backdrop of intoxicating Deep House music.

Serge Gainsbourg, the Aga Khan and the Count of Paris were regulars, as was Marlene Dietrich, who embraced the stage from her favourite round table.

The Raspoutine is an exclusive and discreet place. Today, Leonardo DiCaprio, Carine Roitfeld, Ana Beatriz Barros and Kanye West can be seen there.

Several times a year, private events are organised. The former cabaret also hosts the most beautiful evenings of the Fashion Week.

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