The Group

Founded in 2008 by Laurent de Gourcuff, the Paris Society group is a key player in the hospitality industry in France with 225M in revenues over the last year, more than 3,000 employees and a portfolio of some 50 exceptional venues.
2019 and 2020 confirm Paris Society's desire to intensify its catering division with openings of large carriers such as Gigi, Bambini, Mūn and the development of its strong brands in France and abroad.

"Hospitality is the value that best sums up our DNA and bears the seeds of our future development, which is why I wanted to rename Noctis, the company I created in 2008, into Paris Society, a group driven by a simple ambition: to reinvent the art of entertaining.

From our beginnings in the world of nightlife, we have kept the best: a sense of celebration, generosity and a good dose of audacity. This extra soul is what we bring to the 4 pillars of the group. CLUBS, our institutions that keep the Parisian nightlife moving; TABLES, our exceptional restaurants, laboratories of a new art of dining; EVENTS, our unique portfolio of event venues; and finally, HOTELS, the result of all our know-how to transform every day's getaway into an unforgettable interlude.

We are building Paris Society's future on these four pillars: by exporting our leading brands internationally with the support of our partner AccorHotels; by further accelerating the development of our upscale restaurant business; and by continuing to acquire the most beautiful locations in the capital to create exceptional addresses.
Hospitality is a value of the future, and we intend to embody it.