The big kids' trattoria

At the Palais de Tokyo, carefree and laughing Italy lives its life, with fiesta, bellezza and pasta! Welcome to Bambini, a crazy project with a popular, accessible and child-friendly accent.

As soon as you walk through the door, you are plunged into a contrasting, playful and sophisticated décor, evocative of a festive, colourful and even theatrical Italy. This immersive, soft and warm place awakens the dolce vita, whimsical and fanciful, of an Italy that dances, free and carefree. Temporality is no more, turned upside down by a clever cohabitation of opposing styles and eras.

On the plate, you'll find arrancini, those famous crispy risotto croquettes with string cheese, polpette, vitellos tonnatos, good pastas, incredible pizzas and a tiramisu to die for, all set in colourful, beautiful and simple dishes.

This popular and festive neo-cantine, transgenerational, exotic and timeless, is the temple of evenings with friends, family brunches and business lunches, noon and evening, inside and outside.

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