Gigi Val d'Isère

Alla Grande life at the top...

Gigi has always accustomed us to the best, starting with the choice of her homes. His mountain chalet is no exception: it is at the Refuge de Solaise -the fruit of the association between Laurent de Gourcuff and Jean-Charles Covarel- with the snow-covered peaks of Val d'Isère as a backdrop, that our whimsical Milanese dandy has chosen to install his new residence.
Here, at an altitude of 2550 metres, facing the majestic nature of the Vanoise Park, the winter version of the Alla Grande life can be fully expressed.

On the plate you will find the essentials of Italian gastronomy executed in the rules of the art, but also generous "gratinati" for the unconditional fans of cheese of the mountain pastures, to be tasted in the cordial atmosphere of the interior restaurant.
Our dandy also likes to enjoy the fresh air. On his huge terrace, we bask in the sun after a morning of skiing, impatient to find Gigi's signature dishes.

At nightfall, three nights a week, under the XXL chandeliers of the restaurant or by the travertine fireplace, a new transalpine feast is prepared. The world below seems to be far away when the live music takes over the place. Resistance is useless: soon everyone will get up and dance.

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