A legend among legends

"Ever since Paris has been fashion, ever since Paris has been the world, I've been told as a fatal address, a mythical house, a legend among legends, the light of the great city."

At 3 rue Royale, somewhere between the Seine and the Eiffel Tower, Maxim's unveils its restaurant and bar. Maxim's resurrects the charm of a grand Parisian house, bringing classic bourgeois gastronomy to the plate.
Behind the kissing red façade lies a masterpiece, a vertigo, a beauty. Stained-glass windows, a glass roof, paintings, velvets and allegorical flowers, leaves and fruit everywhere.
It's an Art Nouveau jungle, where you enter as if in a fairy tale, when it takes you far and wide.

The menu is regaining its substance, where beautiful words meet beautiful dishes. The dishes that have made Maxim's a legend, others new, the classics refreshed, today's cravings, all driven by happiness and appetite.
Frogs' legs with parsley, cheese soufflé, VGE soup, Henri IV chicken, Albert sole and American-style lobster are all featured.

With the back of a teaspoon, when it comes to desserts, the irresistible Yann Couvreur reenchants the classics: crêpe Suzette, puffed chocolate mousse, deliciously excited apple with Calvados sabayon and tonka bean ice cream.

From 6pm until well after midnight, you can't miss the bar. All you have to do is follow the Parisian trendsetters, distract your hunger with inspired dishes, amuse your thirst with enlightening cocktails, meet, mingle and move to the music.

Every evening, in the restaurant, a group dares to play live, gently turning up the sound, crossing jazz and pop, playing and replaying those notes we love.
At Maxim's, you dine first, then dance, sometimes both at the same time.
Nightlife suits him so well. Party even better.

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