World of Pariso

The essence of the Parisian night

Mondaine is an extraordinary experience, free of rules and conventions. A very private evening, straight out of the 70s, where an indefinable arty and sulphurous perfume floats.

Like a parallel world so sophisticated that reality, defeated, prefers to take a tangent.
Who is playing a role, who is simply a spectator, in this immersive and joyfully crazy Parisian neo-cabaret? The frontier is quickly erased and one lends oneself to the game with delight: at Mondaine, reality and fiction form a perfect emulsion.

At Mondaine, gourmet food is also a transgression. The most noble products, from lobster to caviar, lend themselves to sharing, and luxury is enjoyed in a festive and regressive mode. We also find the pleasure of simple, comforting dishes to share, executed to perfection.

On the drinks side, a tribute to the iconic cocktails of Parisian nights and to the great vintages to satisfy the wildest desires.

The Parisian night has just found a name: Mondaine.

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